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Our Story

Stanley Park Design, creates hand printed, customised designs that celebrate the unique and the individual, with prints that are thought provoking and empowering to both the big and little kid in all of us.


...and I'm Jennii, the human behind Stanley Park Design!


I'm a married Mum to two young girls, Greta and Edith.  Both my husband and I are from the UK, but I have called Melbourne home for the last 15 years.  We live in West Footscray, in a weatherboard house, that has been painstakingly renovated by my husband, Vince, and is currently being extended to accomodate our growing family!


I have worked as a designer in the Fashion Industry for over 20 years, however, it was only during maternity leave with my second child (and in all that free time!) that I decided to get creative with a project of my own.  Frustrated by the generic look of the mass produced, fast fashion brands, I wanted to create garments, that embraced and encouraged individuality and that my daughters and I would be inspired to wear - each garment gets the official toddler's 'I want that one' seal of approval.


The designs are all created by me - I hand cut the stencils and personalise the design, using names, colours or motifs and then screen print them by hand, here in West Footscray.  No two garments are ever the same and that's the way I like it!

I love it when customers select a tee and ink combination that I haven't done before - having them play a part in the creation of their own garment is everything that we are about!

Our logo, is also a nod to our heritage...firstly, my maiden name - Winstanley.  Secondly, Stanley Park, is a park in Liverpool, UK (where my family is from), that is famous for dividing the home grounds of Liverpool and Everton Football Clubs and Liverpool FC is a huge passion of mine.  The name felt like a perfect fit - a reminder of what's really important to me  - our family, our passions and embracing exactly who you are and not the stereotype that you are supposed to be!


We only use ethically sourced, premium quality garments and environmentally preferred, water based inks our garments are simple in their styling and honest in the message and in their manufacturing.  Our packaging is made from 100% recycled kraft paper and we are always looking at ways to reduce the impact we have on our environment.

Partnering with has been a fantastic opportunity for me to do something that has a very tangible and positive impact on people's lives.  I'm so grateful to be able to help this organisation's mission to help lift disadvantaged families out of poverty.

As we start to build our brand and look to create new product, we would love to hear your feedback and opinions on what we are doing already and what else we could be doing!

Thanks for visiting...

Jenn x 

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